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The Old Man

by rjohnson
I met him in the trees. It was a very secluded area with narrow pathways and hidden alcoves right in the middle of town. He was older, maybe in his sixties and walked with a cane and a slight limp. His face was weathered and had a small growth of beard, maybe two days old. I was most surprised to see him in the surroundings and more surprised when he walked over to me and put his hand on my crotch, rubbing it gently in his large palms.

He continued rubbing for a minute and then motioned me to follow him further into the trees, which I did almost in a trance, thinking that I was going to make love to this older man. He stopped finally and turned around to face me as I entered the alcove he had selected. There were no words spoken between us as he leaned over and put his cane down. He opened his arms and I moved into them as he wrapped them around me, holding me to him in an almost desperate hug. I stood there for a minute in his bear hug and then leaned back to look at his face. He looked me right in the eyes and then leaned down to kiss me gently on the lips. It was a small kiss, more of a peck but his lips were smooth and soft.

As he leaned back to look at me, I'm sure he was looking for a sign from me and without hesitation I leaned into him again and sought out his mouth with mine and we kissed more passionately. When I felt his tongue probing my lips, I opened my mouth wider and accepted his tongue in my mouth, gently sucking on it as he explored my mouth. I used my tongue to dart in and out of his mouth as he continued to kiss me and at the same time, rub my crotch gently with his big hands. I was hard in an instant and I felt him lowering the zipper on my jeans. He was very adept at it and soon had his big hand wrapped around my cock, gently pulling on it and rubbing his hand up and down its length. As if he knew I was close to coming, he stopped kissing me and leaned over to take my cock in his mouth.

He swirled his tongue around the head and gently sucked my entire length into his mouth, sucking on it as if it was candy. He slowly sucked on my hard cock and pumped his mouth up and down it's length until he had me on the verge of coming again. He then stood up and started rubbing my cock with his hand again as he leaned into me and kissed me on the lips. It was very erotic the way he did everything and he was so gent for such a big man.

He continued to kiss me for a moment and the leaned back, taking his hand off my cock. He said he wanted to taste my seed and with that he leaned over again, taking my cock into his mouth again. He sucked harder this time and I came in his mouth, gushing my come into him as he swallowed and swallowed to get it all. After I was finished, he stood up again and kissed me, shoving his come covered tongue into my mouth, forcing me to swallow the bit of come he had on his tongue. I swallowed and tasted myself on his tongue as he explored my mouth again. I knew I wanted to taste him too so I pulled back far enough that I could reach his zipper and slowly pulled it down. I reached inside his pants and pulled out his cock very gently as it was hard and erect. It was like the rest of him, huge and cut.

The head was beautiful and full and the length was at least 9 inches as I had trouble wrapping my hand around it. I knew that I needed him in my mouth so I slowly leaned over and took his whole length into my mouth. I slowly swirled my tongue around his head and up and down it's length as I gently sucked on it. He was moaning now, almost whimpering, as I continued to bring him to organism. I took his cock out of my mouth so I could kneel down in front of him. After I did, I leaned into him again and took his length in my mouth. I started to pump up and down on him as he moaned. I leaned back a little and told him to fuck my face and he started to thrust his cock in and out of my mouth as he held onto my head as if he were guiding his cock to its target. He pumped into me for a few minutes and then his legs started to shake and I knew that I would be feeling his come on my tongue at any time.

When he came, he gushed a full load into my mouth, filling it with his cock becoming slippery and throbbing. He pumped four loads into my mouth and I swallowed as fast as I could because I didn't want to lose any of the liquid. He cried out in pleasure as he came and held my head tight against him as he filled my mouth. He finally finished and I stood up, leaning towards him to kiss him and probe with my, now come covered tongue.

He whimpered again as I shoved my tongue into his mouth as far as I could, forcing him to swallow his come as I did. We stood there for a few minutes, kissing and sucking tongues until he leaned back and looked at me. He wiped the bit of come I had in the corners of my mouth off with his fingers and sucked them into his mouth. He continued sucking on his fingers until he seemed satisfied that all the come was off them. We finished and slowly did ourselves up and then he spoke, asking me if I was interested in meeting him again. I quickly agreed and we made plans for the next time but it wouldn't be in the trees but at his place.

I watched him as he walked away, my mind in a spin, thinking about the next time we would be together. It was only the next night when I was driving by the woods and I spotted him. He smiled when he saw me and motioned for me to follow him. He drove slowly enough that I was able to keep up with him easily and we soon arrived at a home not far from the woods. He pulled into the driveway and motioned for me to park on the street, which I did. I got out of the car and went around the back of the house, meeting him at the end of the driveway. He gave me a hug and a kiss and led me into the house. He led me directly to a back room that was more of a den than anything else but there was a bed in it and several soft couches and chairs. He told me to take off my coat as he did and he approached me again.

He wrapped his arms around me and we began to kiss, exploring each other's mouths with our tongues. We didn't kiss very long as I wanted to feel his big cock in my mouth again so I moved out of his embrace and reached for his clothes, taking them off quickly yet hesitantly. He had a great body, firm abs, strong legs and a firm, rounded ass. His cock was hard and jutting out from his groin as I gently lowered his shorts. I leaned towards his cock to lick at it but he stopped me and told me to undress too. I quickly did and we stood looking at each other, our erections sticking out towards each other. We embraced again and I felt his hard cock slide between my legs and rub against my balls. I kissed him again and rubbed my legs together around his huge cock. It felt like he was inside me as we kissed and moved against each other.

He broke our embrace and went over to the bed, pulling the covers down to the foot of it and getting on it on his back with his erection sticking straight up in the air. I slowly walked over to him and wrapped my hand around his shaft, slowly rubbing up and down its length. He whimpered again as I felt all along his length, feeling the hardness and the veins sticking out all along him. I slowly leaned over and took him into my mouth and pumped up and down his length, swirling my tongue around him, licking and kissing his head. He was writhing underneath me as I brought him to a quick climax. He again filled my mouth with his come and I swallowed it and kept sucking on him until he started to grow soft. I took his cock out of my mouth and moved up to him, seeking his mouth with mine. I lay on top of him as we kissed and caressed each other for a minute. He then rolled me over on my back and engulfed my erection in his mouth. It wasn't long before I was coming in his mouth as he sucked every drop out of me and finally, as I started to soften, took my cock out of his mouth, giving it a gentle kiss as a last reminder or as a prelude of further action. He came up to me and kissed me again and we settled into a gent hug and lay there, holding each other, softly caressing each other.

After a while, he looked at me and as I was starting to get hard again, reached for my cock with his big hand. He slowly and gently ran his hand up and down my length, caressing my balls as he did. I was hard in a minute and he leaned over to kiss my head. He then got to his hands and knees and told me to fuck him. I quickly got behind him and parted his cheeks. I found myself looking as a brown spot that looked well used and I reached up to run my fingers up and down his ass crack and caress his hole. He moaned softly as I inserted a finger inside his canal and slowly pumped it in and out of him. I then moved up and rubbed my erection against his spot as he pushed back against me. Without hesitation, I slowly started to enter him. He moaned loudly as he felt my cock entering his ass and he pushed back against me again, helping me get my swollen cock into him.

Soon, I was in him my entire length, my balls resting against his ass cheeks. I stopped there for a few seconds, feeling his warmth and tightness around my cock. He pushed back again and told me to fuck him hard so I started to slowly pump in and out of him, speeding up until I was thrusting in and out as hard as I could. He stopped me and told me he wanted to change positions so I reluctantly, pulled my cock out of him and waited until he moved onto his back, raising his legs over his head, giving me access to him again. I quickly reentered him and started thrusting in and out harder. It didn't take long for me to come inside him and I gushed my seed into him as I came like I had before. I continued pumping until I was finished coming and pulled out of him slowly. My cock came out of his ass with a slight pop and my come started running out of him and down his legs. I quickly leaned forward and lapped at the come on him. I licked all the way up his legs to his hole and licked around it as come was still exiting his canal. I stuck my tongue inside him and tried to get as much of my come out of him as I could. He finally collapsed on the bed on his face, a slight grin on his face. When he rolled over, his erection was sticking straight up in the air and he was panting.

I knew I wanted him inside me so I moved over him and slowly lowered myself onto his huge, hard cock. He entered me and I groaned in pain and pleasure. He felt so big inside my ass and I could feel his head pushing against the end of my canal as I lowered myself on him. I told him to lie still and that I would do all the work as I slowly started to pump up and down on him. He reached up and grabbed my shoulders, helping me move up and down his entire length.

He came suddenly, spurting his seed into me as I lowered my self so his entire length was inside me. The warmth of his come spurting up into me was sensual and erotic as I felt his cock twitch each time he came. I slowly raised myself off him and offered him my ass, which he quickly started licking and sucking on, tasting himself on me. He cleaned my ass off with his mouth and I moved back into his arms again, more to rest than anything.

We fucked and sucked each other for a few more hours until I had to leave. We have since had many sessions together and we don't go to the woods anymore as we have each other to pleasure. I have had sex with a few of his friends too but we spend most of our time together alone and enjoy each other's body to the utmost.

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